"Neck Hug"®
Pillow Stack

"Neck Hug"<sup>&#174;</sup><BR>Pillow Stack
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Welcome to our friends at the Greyhound Rescue

"Neck Hug"®
Life Wellness Pillows for Pets

The "Neck Hug"® may be stacked with varying sizes to create a double pillow. The concept of stacking the "Neck Hug"® was created to help deter even the cleverest of dogs that have the ability to reach past most conventional methods of collar restriction due to a longer neck, legs & torso. The double pillow structure will assist in comforting your pet while creating a fluffy boundary during the healing process brought on by such things as wound biting, paw chewing or excessive licking. Consisting of more than one "Neck Hug"® stacked on top of each other (for example, the bottom pillow could be a size Large and the top pillow could be a size Medium. This helps to decrease the overall weight and proper head placement). Mixing and Matching is endless in sizing, widths, thicknesses and fabrics.

The original stacked "Neck Hug"® was created to help one of our Greyhound friends that had a rear leg amputation. Because of her lovely long neck, long nose, long torso and long legs, most other methods of restriction failed. When we tried the stacked method, her wound healed while in safe comfort.

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