"Neck Hug" Close-Up!

(Also Laundry Instructions)

"Neck Hug" Close-Up! <p><font color=Green>(Also Laundry Instructions)</P></font color>
Item# CloseUp

The "Neck Hug" is a circular pillow that has velcro closures on the top and bottom and at the neckline for a good snuggle fit. The neckline also has soft loops that you may slide your pet's own collar (or a soft scarf or wide ribbon) through for added security.

Outer Cover: Cotton Blend Fabric

Inside: Cotton Muslin fully lines the cotton blend fabric

Inner Fill: Hypo-Allergenic Fiberfill

Neckline and collar loops: Soft cotton Flannel

► Clean Up is quick, Neck Hugs can be laundered in the washer and dryer with your normal wash load. Please do not use Fabric Softener as it may coat the Velcro making it non-adhesive! If a water softener is necessary, try using a splash of white vinegar added to the wash load. It will not leave any unpleasant scent and works great. Remember to close all Velcro tabs when laundering to help in maintaining their adhesive properties.

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