How the "Neck Hug" was born!

The "Neck Hug" Story
My dog Hunter (a male Puggle breed), was a little over a year old when I noticed that he was limping with his right hind leg. His doctor found that he had a congenital hip disorder and recommended a Femoral Head Ostectomy "FHO" Procedure which removes a portion of the Femoral Head and reshapes the hip socket area. Hunter was ideal for this procedure due to his size and weight and the doctor knew he would recover and live a full and happy life.

Hunter went in for surgery and when he was ready to come home, the hospital had placed a very large cone over his head to protect the surgical site.

I felt so sad for poor Hunter that he not only had discomfort from surgery but that he had to endure this protective cone on his head. He wouldn't lie down and rest and he looked absolutely miserable!

I immediately got out my sewing machine and made a round donut shaped pillow, which I stuffed with leftover fiberfill I found in my sewing closet.

When I gently slipped it over Hunter's head, he immediately laid down on his bed and snuggled his head into the pillow and rested well throughout the night.

The next day, I took Hunter to his doctor for a follow up visit. Hunter proudly wore his protective pillow and everyone at the office was so happy to see how comfortable he was and how great the pillow served him. Everyone came out to take a look!

At that moment, the "Neck Hug" was born! I just knew that other pets might be able to use this simple solution.

By the way, Hunter can run like the wind now, loves to play and jumps for joy when we go out for long walks. Thanks to his doctors and his first "Neck Hug".

Today, Hunter still tries on every prototype "Neck Hug". He is so happy to help, his tail is very busy wagging for joy. He remembers how happy he was to find his own "Neck Hug" so long ago.

Hunter and I know that your pet will find the "Neck Hug" a great alternative to a restrictive Pet Collar.

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