Welcome to Wag Tail Farms!

We are located in beautiful Richmond, VA.

Wag Tail Farms gets it's name from happy pets that wear our "Neck Hugs". We care about all pets and strive to improve their comfort. In fact, the "Neck Hug" was developed out of love for our own pet who had surgery and came home with a hard plastic E-Collar. We immediately replaced it with a soft handmade round shaped pillow and the "Neck Hug" was born!

Our contact information

By email: wagtailfarms@yahoo.com
By phone: (949) 770-2436 Auto Line


Shipping Information - "Terms of Product Delivery":

All "Neck Hugs", soft e-collars for pets are specially handcrafted and require approximately (3 to 9) *BUSINESS DAYS* to complete their construction PRIOR to Shipping. Please allow the required approximate Business Days in addition to your selected shipping method days for delivery. When placing your on-line order, the customer accepts these Terms of Product Delivery. *Business Days/Hours: Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are non-Business Days & are not included in the required approximate (3 to 9) Business Day required product construction time frame). Thank You

We love feedback, good or bad so please let us know your thoughts. We appreciate you and want to provide excellent customer service. Please keep us informed of your experience with the "Neck Hug".

Thank You

Wag Tail Farms
Contact Us: Telephone: 949/770-2436 E-Mail: wagtailfarms@yahoo.com