Welcome to Wag Tail Farms!

We are located in beautiful Richmond, VA.

Wag Tail Farms gets it's name from happy pets that wear my "Neck Hugs". I care about all pets and strive to improve their comfort by offering a well-made healthy product. In fact, the "Neck Hug" was developed out of love for my own pet who had surgery and came home with a hard plastic E-Collar. I immediately replaced it with a soft handmade round shaped pillow and the "Neck Hug" was born!

Wag Tail Farms is a Woman Owned company. All materials are purchased here in the USA and all well-made handcrafted manufacturing is created and shipped in the USA. All of our work is done in a Pet-Friendly environment!

When I first started Wag Tail Farms, I had no money to invest in my idea. I had no partners or donations. I was working a full time day job which didn't financially allow for much of anything extra. I would sew until late every night and then get up again at 6:30am for my job. I started out by donating all Neck Hugs so that I could gather feedback from my customers and their pictures so I could build a website and make the best product I could. Suddenly, I had more orders than I could possible fill while working my day job. So you guessed it, I quit my job so that I could devote all my time to Wag Tail Farms. It has been a struggle to start my business but the feedback from my customers has me committed to all the sweet pets and providing them with my "Neck Hugs".

I'm still working on new product features and letting the business grow. It's been a few years now and I still have crazy hours and sew into the night. Being tired never felt so good!

Wag Tail Farms is proving to be a great idea and each day I get to see that my labor of love and "not giving up" is making a difference in the lives of the precious pets I serve!

Barks, Meows & "Neck Hugs"

Jamie Miller, Owner of Wag Tail Farms

Our contact information

By email: wagtailfarms@yahoo.com


Shipping Information - "Terms of Product Delivery":

All "Neck Hugs", soft e-collars for pets are specially handcrafted and require Approximately 10 *BUSINESS DAYS* to complete their construction PRIOR to Shipping. Please allow the required Approximate 10 Business Days in addition to your selected shipping method days for delivery. When placing your on-line order, the customer accepts these Terms of Product Delivery. *Business Days/Hours: Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are non-Business Days & are not included in the required Approximate 10 Business Days required for product construction time frame). Thank You

We love feedback, good or bad so please let us know your thoughts. We appreciate you and want to provide excellent customer service. Please keep us informed of your experience with the "Neck Hug".

Thank You

Wag Tail Farms
If you Need sizing assistance, please Contact Us: E-Mail: wagtailfarms@yahoo.com