Neck Hug "Bark-&-Meow-imonials"


Barbara & Autie ~ San Antonio TX

"Autie was just diagnosed about a month ago with Mega Esophagus. He was being treated for allergies, but come to find out that was not what was wrong. We've spent so much time up all night with gagging, retching, regurgitating, etc. and missing much needed sleep. He literally did this all night long and I tried to help him as much as I could, but to no avail. He did not feel well and was extremely weak as he has lost 15 lbs. Then, after the diagnosis, we started learning about how to feed and care for him, but he still was choking, gagging, etc. during the day and night and I learned that I also had to worry about Aspiration Pneumonia. He was so miserable and it showed on his little face.

When I found out about the "Neck Hug" pillows, I called and ordered right away and you were great in helping with the measurements, getting it made quickly and shipped to me. I received it Friday at noon, as we discussed, and there was an immediate relief for him....he stopped gagging, etc. and was able to relax and sleep very comfortably as you can see in the pictures! No matter how he lays down, he has a pillow to lay on to help keep his esophagus elevated. On Saturday and Sunday nights, he (and I) slept the entire night without any problems!!! Waking up and realizing that you slept through the night without getting up is like having a newborn and you immediately think something is wrong...but when I saw him looking at me and wagging, my heart was so happy & grateful!!

This pillow is a miracle for us and God bless you for doing this for the babies out there in the world who need this kind of help. Your pillow is our miracle and we can't thank you enough!!! He wears it after eating or drinking and when he lays down, whether he is sleeping or just resting. I will tell my vet and anyone else I think would benefit from the Neck Hug pillow......Just look at my baby's happy, peaceful face....thank you!!!!!"

We here at Wag Tail Farms are thrilled that Autie is doing so well but we must include that the "Neck Hug" is only successful in coordination with proper medical care, food & water preparation, upright feeding methods and a host of other proven care methods for the MegaE pets not to mention the dedication & unlimited amount of this family's LOVE this sweet pup receives♥ We send you our Biggest & Loudest Barks, Meows & "Neck Hugs".

Here is Faye posing pretty & sunbathing in her new "Neck Hug"®size Super!
I wish I was there sunbathing with you Faye :)

Faye's Bark-i-monial

Sara & Faye ~ California

We adopted Faye very young (around 4 mos) and we knew she had ME. Thanks to the UCB I found you & I truly believe that the reason she has done so well for the 5 years we've had her has a lot to do with your "Neck Hug"® pillows! She loves wearing them & sleeping on them! She'll even ask for it if it's not on & she isn't feeling well. Here's a pic of her in the bigger "Neck Hug"®! And she's already out sunbathing in it! Thank you again for your responses & for making such quality products (our first one is probably 4 years old so they LAST) that have really made a difference for our baby!

A Big Thank You to Faye's mom Sara, for sending us these Adorable pictures & for keeping us posted! Continue to thrive sweet girl & know we are sending loads of snuggle hugs your way!

Charlie's Bark-i-monial

Mary Beth & Charlie ~ Ocala, FL

Just wanted to say thank you for getting the "Neck Hug" out to me so quickly. My chocolate lab, Charlie, had surgery and would not even stand up at the vet’s office with the plastic cone around his neck, so I had to remove it just to get him in the car. Since I knew he was a quirky dog, I had done some research ahead of time for alternatives to the cone, and I sure was happy when I came across your website for the neck hug and ordered one immediately. I put it on him as soon as we got home from the vet’s office, and it was smooth sailing from the start. He wore it all day and with no problem and snuggled up with it at night, using it as a pillow. Charlie and I both thank you for making such a great product! Thank you so much for sharing Charlie with us. He is Beautiful! Feel better soon sweet boy ~

Happy New "Esoph-A-Love"® Customer

Thank you for the "Esoph-A-Love" head elevation pillow for our dog! It is helping her SO much!!! I can’t thank you enough. It really makes a difference and she has been sleeping through the night and keeping more meals down. Also, it is so well made! The stitching, Velcro, zipper and the width/plushness of the pillow. The harness helps keep it off her neck and more onto her shoulders which is great, and the wider side stays where it should when she lies down. Designed perfectly for this condition. You are helping so many dogs with megaesophagus to lead a better life. Thank you so much.

Continue to Thrive sweet girl. Sending Big Barks & Hugs!

Joyce & Maisy ~ Québec, Canada

Maisy's mom sent us an adorable picture of Maisy wearing her new "Neck Hug"® and wrote us a wonderful bark-i-monial. "I am so grateful for your product and Maisy loves it. She just seems to calm down whenever I put it on her. I was so depressed and felt so bad for her as she needed to wear something to protect from licking and biting through a long term treatment and the plastic cone was just in fathomable. Now at least I know she is comfortable and happy and she does not mind to wear it." You may see a sweet picture of Maisy on our Gallery of Friends page. Feel better soon sweet girl.

Nellie & Jim ~ Keaau, HI

Nellie's dad wrote to us to tell us how much Nellie loves her new Neck Hug ~ "Just wanted to let you know that our collie Nellie is doing very well with her neck hug pillow. She accepted it right away and I think she actually loves it. She falls asleep almost immediately after I put it on her at night and has slept well every night with no regurgitation since we got it. Thank you so much, this is a wonderful product." See Nellie's picture on our Gallery of Friends page.

Susan & Tucker ~ Gaithersburg MD

"Tucker has severe allergies and a heart condition. He can't use steroids and chews his stomach raw all spring and summer. We have tried various cones and blow up collars but this is the only one that keeps him happy. Cones keep him from seeing out the sides and blow up ones don't keep him from chewing his belly. This is awesome! Custom size is great! Tucker is much happier, more active and alert!"

Thank You Tucker for making our Neck Hugs look so good! Feel better soon sweet boy♥ Wag Tail Farms ~

Jane, Winston & Boogie Woogie ~ Lodge Grass, MT

"They are great – good fit, beautiful craftsmanship. They will be much more comfortable for the dogs. They and I thank you." We are thrilled that your pups are comforted and doing well in their new "Neck Hug"® pillows. Feel better soon sweet guys! Wag Tail Farms ~

Yesenia & Dante ~ San Diego, CA

"My Italian Greyhound Dante recently had to have surgery to remove two masses, one from his side and one from the front of his leg. If you are familiar with sight hounds, you know that they have very long necks, noses AND legs. Needless to say a regular e-collar is only like them wearing a popped-collar shirt. If the e-collar fits around the neck, it will definitely be too short for it to stop them from doing anything.

Dante is 10 years old, and during all those years I have tried every e-collar out there without success. Soft collars, blow up collars, you name it. Just a couple of days before Dante's surgery I found your website! FINALLY an e-collar that will fit both his neck and length of nose! Not only that but it is a comfy pillow too!

When I emailed to see how long it would take to get the collar, you went above and beyond my expectations by rushing the order and I received it just two days after I ordered it, only one day after Dante's surgery. You have turned me into a raving fan and I will tell everyone about Wag Tail Farms!

When I put the "Neck Hug" collar on Dante, he was not bothered by it at all. He has gotten used to it and now it doesn't even slow him down. He is even able to go up and down two steps that I have between the family room and kitchen without a problem. Thank you so much for what you do and for being so accommodating. May you be blessed so that you can continue blessing other furry friends with your amazing product." (See Dante's adorable picture on our Picture galley of friends page).

Nancy & Maggie ~ Omaha, NE

"Thank you so much for the double hug. As soon as I put it on my dog I knew it was the solution I'd been looking for. I was very surprised how easy it was to put on her and really happy that she was not running around scared trying to take it off.

My Maggie is 10 years old and has had a chronic habit of licking her back feet for the last 2 years. I've really been at a loss as to how to help her. I tried the traditional e-collar and it just made her panic and run around all crazy bumping into the walls and the furniture. I also tried medication for OCD from the vet. I tried the bitter spray. And I tried socks. And nothing seemed to be working. I was at the point I couldn't leave her at home alone.

I feel so lucky to have found you on the internet. And I must say the quality of your collar is so amazingly soft and durable. It far exceeds my expectations.

I think you would do very well taking your product to the ABC program SHARK TANK. I just know what a blessing your collar is for me and believe there are many other pet owners that need to know about you. Thank you for your wonderful collar." You are so welcome and are hopes are high that Maggie will heal nicely and be back to feeling well soon! (See Maggie's sweet picture on our Picture Gallery of Friends page).

Barbara & Annie ~ Villa Park, CA

Annie and her mom are a therapy team with Pet Partners. They visit Pediatric and Oncology patients at one of the Kaiser Permanente Hospitals as well as tutor children with reading problems at a nearby elementary school. Annie’s mom shared an adorable picture with us (see on our Picture Gallery of Friends page) and writes, “Thanks for talking to me this afternoon. I ran over to Wagon Train in Orange and bought a Neck Hug for Annie. It is wonderful. She had a growth removed from her neck that was glued together and can't wear her collar and tags. She had a larger growth removed from her rear thigh requiring stitches. The vet and I were perplexed how to handle this situation so she would leave the stitches alone to heal properly. We ended up padding her neck and using a stiff plastic collar. Annie was miserable wearing it and my husband and I were going crazy watching her bang into walls and doorways. I found out about your product when someone mentioned it on the internet. Your collar is great. I drove right over to my vet to show them the neck hug. I hope you can continue to grow your company and get your product into lots of homes for the benefit of these animals” We love a happy outcome and know that Annie and her mom will be back to business in no time. Feel better fast sweet Annie, Barks & Hugs ~

Kristen & Banjo ~ McDonough, GA

"My 10-month old beagle, Banjo, was neutered on Friday. I started looking for an alternative to "the cone" a few weeks before his surgery and came across the Neck Hug website. I measured him and ordered a Neck Hug right away. He doesn't mind wearing it at all, and I think he might even like it! Three days post surgery and he has not been able to lick or chew the incision site at all. We only take it off when he goes outside to do his business; he's quite the sniffer and he can't get his nose all the way to the ground with the Neck Hug on. Wish I had known about the Neck Hug a few years ago when my lab was neutered; he (and I) had to suffer through the cone. Thanks for making such an innovative, quality product. I've told everyone about the Neck Hug! Love, Kristen & Banjo". (See sweet Banjo's picture on our Picture Gallery of Friend's Page)

Honor & Baxter ~ Boulder, CO

"I can't thank you enough for your neck hug. We have a German Shorthair named Baxter who is a little "nervous" should we say? He has been suffering from a lick granuloma on his left rear knee for several years. Over the past 12 months it has gotten much worse, covering an area of about 5 inches by 3 inches. We couldn't get him to leave it along. I tried everything! 100's of dollars worth of cones and neck braces, 100's of dollars worth of tape to cover the wound, and about the same amount for antibiotics, topical preparations, etc…

I have been working on this forever and you have no idea how frustrating this has been. Everthing we tried he either figured out how to chew off or work around. He is a pretty lanky dog and somehow he got around all of the cones. The problem I was having was that I couldn't find a cone long enough to come past his nose. My vet had NO IDEA where to send me and I pretty much felt hopeless about the situation. It was getting to the point where nobody wanted to be around Baxter because he was bleeding and smelling from the wound and it was just not pleasant.

Long story short, I found you all mentioned in an article somewhere on the web in the midst of my hours of internet research and thought it looked like it might work. But I was skeptical as he is pretty resourceful when it comes to getting at that lesion on his leg. But then I saw the double hug and I knew that was the answer. How could he get around that? I placed the order and paid for 1-2 day shipping because we needed it bad.

Yesterday it came in the mail, earlier than I expected. We put it on and had a good laugh because it looks so cute, but it is a miracle! He is comfortable and can't get past that double pillow to reach his leg. The wound is healing already, looking great because we don't have to keep it covered anymore. I am ecstatic!!!! Baxter is relieved and his Daddy is going to come home from a two week trip to Europe today and find a healing dog. Keep in mind we have been dealing with that lick granuloma for well over a year. Amazing. Your product is wonderful. I will tell everyone including my vet about it.

Thank you so much and you have a good thing going here. One of the best inventions I have seen for a long time. We love you here in Boulder Colorado!" (See Baxter's adorable picture in our Friends Picture Gallery)

Brigette, Paula, Jo Jo and Bernie ~ Sommerset, CA

"We want to thank you so much for getting this order out so quickly, especially during the holiday season. We love your product, and love it even more now. We spread the word every chance we get." Have a wonderful holiday,"We call this invention a life saver!! (See Jo Jo and Bernie's adorable pictures on our Picture Gallery of Friends page).

Jill & Reese ~ Copley, OH

"We got a Neck Hug from you exactly a year ago for Reese, our Airedale. She is a MegaE dog. I have to tell you, this past year has been wonderful! Reese has only gotten sick a handful of times, as compared to her getting sick every couple weeks for the two years before that. All thanks to the Neck Hug! Thank you for an amazing product and helping to save her life."

Connie ~ Fort Thomas, KY

"I received my Neck Hug today and I can't tell you how pleased I am! It fits my dog perfectly and is the perfect size for keeping his busy nose away from his stitches. And its so soft and comfortable! You asked me about the product I had been using and I can't even find the brand name on the inflatable donut. It only says "made in china". Believe me, you have no competition here! I plan on telling my veterinarian about your product as I think it would help a lot of animals and their owners. Its very frightening to go home with a dog with stitches without a good option for keeping him safe. He could not tolerate a cone, as I'm sure is the case for many other animals. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"

Matt, Heather & Foxie ~ Amissville,VA

"Thanks so much for the prompt shipment and the fantastic product. It works perfectly. Foxie cannot reach her front paws and seems to like this much better! We were impressed with the quality and attention to detail. A huge benefit to us was that we could attach the neck hug to her leash. We will gladly recommend you to all of our family and friends." (See Foxie's sweet pictures on our Friends Picture Gallery Page)

Ann & Maggie ~ Armuchee,GA

"The neck hug ended up being wonderful. I had my doubts, but it was so much better for Maggie than the "lamp shade". Thank you for thinking of our precious pets." (See Maggie's sweet picture on our Friends Picture Gallery Page)

Karen, Scoobi & Steve ~ Virgin Islands, USA

This email was written to the Yahoo MegaEsophagus Group regarding Neck Hugs:

"Our dog Scoobie was just diagnosed with megaesophogus. This site has been a godsend and I want to share with you our recent experience. We ordered a collar from Jamie at and it has really helped Scoobie. The collar was customized based on discussions with the owner and a 'happy' material was selected. It arrived and Scoobie loved it. It is comforting and soft. It fits perfectly and is easy to take on and off. We use it every night and when we leave the house, knowing that his head will be elevated. He is much happier and both he and I can sleep at night, knowing that he will not throw up thick flem and feel sick. He is eating better and feeling better. So am I! I cannot express how wonderful and caring Jamie has been. We have just ordered a second collar. I know that it is probably not proper to promote a business on this yahoo group, but Scoobie said I should!"

Chrisanthi & Norman, New York, NY

"Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for Norman's neck hug! Not only does he sleep the entire night he doesn't leave home without it!" (see precious pictures of Norman on our Picture Gallery of Friends Page)

Linda & Lucy ~ Mississippi


MaryBeth & Scooth ~ Madison CT

"We have tried numerous collars and not being able to sew, I could not make him one. None of the collars were comfortable and none fit well. I got a "donation" from my vet of a "neck hug" from Wag Tail Farms. AMAZING!!! It's like a pillow he wears around his neck. So comfortable for him and helps to keep his regurgitation under a bit more control (thank you thank you thank you). I cannot believe the change. I ordered a different size to fit him better and then told them my story of Scooch and ME and they actually made Scooch one of a "special size" which is perfect!! I actually have a few to allow him to run up and down stairs and outside and two that surrounds him like a big pillow so he can sleep really well. They are soft, WASHABLE!!!, keep his head lifted enough and also keep him away from his GI tube (he already ate one!!!). They are an amazing "company" to deal need to read the story on how they got person (Jamie) doing something for her beloved pet and then reaching out with it to others in need. I get nothing from them to "promote". Just think they are awesome and see an amazing change in Scooch. If you are looking for alternatives and variety, please check out their website. Even though they have standard sizing, just email them, tell them your story and your needs and they will make them to order and keep a pattern just for your dog!"

Theora & Roxy ~ Portland, Oregon

"OMG!!!!!! I ordered a neck hug for Roxy, received it last Thursday, she and I are now getting some sleep, OMG!!!"

Sue ~ Stoughton, WI

"I love this collar I was scared that it would be heavy around the neck but its not and I already had to wash it and it washed and dried great!"

Robyn & Uma ~ La Mesa, CA

"THANKS SO MUCH for Uma's Neck Hugs and for your kindness to dogs!! Hugs, Robyn"

Cindi & Bella ~ Omaha, NE

"Here is Bella with her new neck collar from Wag Tail Farms. Bella and I thank you so much for this. It is working great so far and she looks so cute :)"

Sandra & Tillie ~ Hockessin, DE

"We received Tillie's purple neck hug on Monday, as promised, and Tillie really loves it! Thank you for this wonderful idea! I am so happy to have found you!"

Timothy & Murphy ~ Manassas, VA

"Just wanted to let you know what a smashing success your giant-sized "neck hug" has been with me and Murphy. I'm a bit of an electronic illiterate, so Tim, who spoke with you, will send of pix of Murphy in his glorious red donut! Feel free to put us on your web page or I'll be glad to offer an excellent reference at any time. Thank you. *Murphy sends sloppy puppy kisses of appreciation!"

Kaycee ~ Garden Grove, CA

"These are the best people ever!!! I was in a bind because my pup just had surgery and her old Neck Hug was too small. When I bought the next size up it was too big. I really wanted one of these for her because she loves them so much plus I think the the hugging feeling it give makes the dogs calmer after surgery. So I called Wag Tail Farms about my problem. Well they were fantastic, she said no problem she'd have a custom made collar at my door the very next day and true to her word the driver just called and it's on it's way! It does my heart good to know there's still such caring people out there thank you so so much Wag Tail Farms you ARE the best!!!!!"

Kim & Rico ~ Marlton, NJ

"Today we received Rico's Neck Hug and I can't even put into words how impressed I am!!! It is so well made and super soft & comfy! What an ingenious idea! Not to mention, it's adorable!!! THANK YOU so much for this! Now I want to order one in every size to have for the rescue LOL!! I will see about getting one at a time! THANK YOU again! God bless!"

Kathleen & Bella ~ Canada

"Bella's Neck Hug arrived today and it is wonderful. So well made! She looks fabulous in her purple hydrangeas. I am very impressed with your product and your customer service. I will take the tags in the vets office as many animals could benefit from this product! Thanks again, I am very grateful for all your attention to Bellas needs."

Brigette & Paula ~ Somerset, CA

"Hi we want to thank you so much for getting this order out so quickly, especially during the holiday season. We love your product, and love it even more now. We spread the word every chance we get. Have a wonderful holiday, Paula & Brigette"

Pat & Murphy ~ Banning, CA

"Wahoo! Neck hug saved the day for young Murphy. Congratulations, I'm so happy!"

Julie & Holly ~ Australia

"Sorry it's taken so long to get this photo to you, holly has rubbed her leg red raw and she is using the Neck Hug to stop her from licking it, poor darlin isn't a happy camper at the moment but I am happy knowing this will help her. Thank you or your innovative took me a while to work out where to put the Velcro to secure it but we are all under control now! Thanks once again......oh I put this photo on facebook for all to see with a reference to you too. Julie and Holly"

Sandra, Tillie & Toby ~ Hockessin, DE

"Hi Jamie, Thank you so much for Toby's new neck hug! It fits him perfectly! He hasn't taken to it as well as Tillie did, but Tillie and I love it on him! I'm sending you a picture of the two of them side by side so you can see how good the neck hugs look on them. You really did a great job! Thank you so much. S, T & T"

Amy ~ Warrenton, VA

"Hi Jamie, Here are a couple of photos of Nutmeg in her new collar. Thank you for your thoughtful color choice; I think you'll see it's a good match. She's accepted the collar better than I thought she might, so maybe her fur will get a chance to grow back. Amy"

Jill & Monkey ~ Los Angeles, CA

"Here's my little Monkey Doodle who has Megaesophagus wearing his custom made neck hug. Thank so much! It's really made a HUGE difference!"

Dennis & Sergei ~ S. Burlington, VT

"Hi Jamie- I recently ordered the Neck Hug for my cat Sergei. He has a neck wound that just will not heal, as he keeps scratching it open. I've tried the cone, I've made neoprene neck covers from knee braces, nothing would keep him off it and let it air out and heal. So far the neck hug is working perfectly. He's had it on for three days, has learned to tolerate it, and hasn't tried to remove it. (not using the ribbon and he has no collar) The wounds have dried and are starting to heal. They itch but he can't get at it so, its looking good! Thanks so much this has been going on for 9 months and finally there is hope!"

Donna & Gracie ~ Roseville, CA

"Works great! Thanks so much!!! Donna & Gracie (who would rather have NOT been spayed...)"

Sandy & Winston ~ Edgewater, MD


Pat & Oakley ~ Bolingbrook, IL

"Hi Jamie, Received the collar today. It is BEAUTIFUL. I love it ! Your workmanship is impeccable. Once I get it placed on Oakley (my Golden Boy) I will send you a picture. I can't thank you enough for creating this wounderful product. It beats everything out there hands down. Your idea not only helps the poor pet, but helps the owner cope with their furry child.

Oakley had ACL surgery 3 years ago. He was placed in the lampshade device. For 10 days following surgery, My husband & I took turns sleeping in the recliner with him on a leach. He fought that ecollar tooth & nail. On three ocassions he managed to get the ecollar off. We had to call our sons to come help get it back on. 2 to hold him down. Needless to say, he always manged to get the collar off @ midnight. Our sons live an hour away from us so this was really an inconvenience for all. Same thing during the day, all day long we sat in the recliner reading a book while he recuperated. If we only had your wonderful collar then. Once again, thank you so much.....I love, love, love it !! Pat"

Summer & Bill ~ Norman, OK

"Dear Wagtail Farms, Thank you sincerely for the wonderful Neck Hug! We give your Neck Hugs 10/10 stars! Bill, my male cat, loves his Neck Hug so much, everyone can see it in his face and attitude. He is so much more comfortable and relaxed. With the old hard cone, he hated having his ears mashed which caused him to move in a crouched position everywhere, hated having his doctor-ordered wet food get all over the inside of the cone, and was constantly startled when the hard cone would make noise and jar his neck when he bumped obstacles or jumped off the bed. He even avoided the litter box because he couldn't get in it without catching the hard cone on the edge. Your Neck Hug solved all of these problems! Thanks to your Neck Hug, he loves having his ears free, not feeling like he has to crouch, and the softness of the Neck Hug allows him to move freely and jump without discomfort or alarm. He can eat and drink with ease and can lounge around comfortably, like a cat should. There is no doubt in my mind that his healing process will be considerably smoother and speedier because of the increased comfort and happiness that your Neck Hug provides. I was also extremely impressed with the quality of the Neck Hug, adorableness, as well as the speediness and quality of service. I will certainly be recommending Neck Hugs to everyone! Thanks again for your superior product and service! Sincerely, Summer and Bill"

Leslie & Moondoggie ~ Covington, LA

"Moondoggie Loves It!...Thanks guys for a fantastic product! I love the fabric's FAB!"

Kristen & Tyler ~ Signal Hill, CA

"This is how Tyler and I sleep ever since his surgery. Thank you, the neck hug has saved his life" "Thank you for the best e-collar ever!"(See Tyler's sweet picture on our "Friends Gallery" page)

Molly & Alice ~ New Haven, CT

"Thank you for the adorable Neck Hug! Alice loves it and can still play, eat and enjoy herself while recovering from her spay. The best, Molly and Alice"

Kristin & Grace ~ Mount Vernon, NY

"Thank you so much!!! Just received the neck hug!!!! It's better than I could have ever imagined :) Grace looks so comfy and relaxed in it!!!! It's wonderful. I have posted your website on all my social networks so that others could see the amazingness!!! I had to go to work for a couple hours this afternoon and I have a "nanny" cam for her (i know, i'm a crazy mommy). But it was such a relief to see her so comfortable. She was all curled up and resting her head on the neck hug. She is feeling a bit friskier and it makes it easier to run around. She can even do the stairs with it, which she wasn't able to do with the cone. This is a truly amazing product. Thank you again! Kristin and Grace! "

Robin & Leia ~ Union, CT

Just a picture (see Leia's adorable picture on our "Friends Gallery" page) to show you Leia adjusting to her collar. She does not mind it at all. Seems it works as a pillow for her and keeps her toe out of her mouth. Thanks, Robin and Leia

Denise & Bentley ~ Woodbridge, VA

"Bentley loves his new collar! it looks wonderful and is very well made. Great pattern and color for my boy. Thanks Again, Denise & Bentley"

"Rating: Excellent

Price Rating:Excellent

Shipping Options Rating:Excellent

Delivery Rating:Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent

Customer Service Rating:Excellent

I ordered a neck hug for my dog, it arrived quickly and was well made and attractive. I have purchased others at pet stores but my dog would not wear them or they didnt quite fit right, being able to get one with my dogs measurements has helped his health alot."

Maria & Baboo ~ Sierra Madre, CA

"Thanks so much for helping me with a quick turn-around and follow up. It was a scary time and your kind words and support were very much appreciated. Again many thanks"

Jill & Reece ~ Copley, OH

"Hello! The Neck Hug arrived today!! It is a great fit around the neck and so super soft and plush. Reese, our Airedale, is happily snoozing the afternoon away with it on. I've attached a pic of her. Thank you so much!!!!!!!" (see Reece's precious picture on our Friends Gallery Page)

Sherri & Sophie ~ Newport, VA

"Sophie is healing great! She had her stitches out this past Saturday. Thanks so much for your wonderful product - I was so worried about her wearing anything, but having this comfy hug was like her own personal pillow to rest her head on. The design was just perfect and very well planned. Thanks again, and have a great Thanksgiving!" (See Sophie's sweet picture on our Friends Gallery Page)

Carol & Brooklyn ~ Birmingham, MI

"Hi Jamie- Brookie's hot pink Neck Hug arrived on schedule-it is just great! I am so glad I found you on the internet ;). What an improvement over that stiff ugly plastic cone! My vet is just across the street from my condo so i am definitely going to show this off to them and give them your info and maybe the card, but I kinda want to keep the card, we'll see.

I do know lots of dog lovers/owners. I don't want to see their dogs hurting (a ton need to get spayed & neutered though) but if they ever are in Brooklyn's boat, I will recommend you. Thanks again for your prompt service and our pretty neck hug. (What a great idea you had!). Good luck!" (See Brookies sweet picture on our Friend's Gallery Page)

Kathleen & Morgan ~ Manistee, MI

"We raise service dogs for a Michigan based group called Paws with a Cause. We have raised 11 service dogs and will continue to do so. Morgan was the 4th dog we raised. We had him for 12 months and he went off to serve a lady in the Detroit area who was in a wheelchair. He continued to do his job for 9 years. We never had any contact with him or his client for all those years. For some unknown reason, his client had to retire him. So...last December, I got a call from Paws with a Cause and they wanted to know if we would like to have him back. What??? Do those things happen? Of course we want him back. These dogs are always our babies. How could we say no?

He came home to us in December of 2011. And, he never forgot anything about living here. Or being with us. I feel blessed to have this wonderful dog from the beginning of his life...and now for the end of his life. He is now 10 1/2 and doing just great.

He did have a hot spot on his head, so that is the reason we bought the Neck Hug. He really loves it. He has his own built in pillow. I just throw it in the washer and it comes out perfectly every time. He waits in front of the dryer until it’s ready to be put back on. What an improvement on those nasty cones. Please check out Paws with a Causes’ website. Their goal is to improve the lives of the disabled. Thanks so much for the huggie....Morgan thanks you big time!"(See Morgan's sweet picture on our Friend's Gallery)

Marie-Anne & Delphy ~ Northborough, MA

"The Neck Hug arrived on Monday already and is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! It fits just right around Delphy’s neck, the width is just right also (wide enough to prevent her to lick her wound but not too wide so she won’t trip going up and down the stairs which is important with her weak rear end) , and the 3 inches thickness is perfect for allowing Delphy to sleep on it. The other day the mailman came (he loves our dog) and said “why does she walk around with her pillow?” ☺

Delphy used to have another donut (plasticized fabric, a little wider so she would trip up/down the stairs, less comfortable around the neck, too stiff, not comfy to sleep on) – your is much better! Delphy is a 13.5 years old female, Golden Retriever Mix, a very sweet retired therapy dog. Thanks again for creating great products. And FYI we are both vets. We will definitely let people know about your products. Merry Christmas and thanks again" (See Delphy's sweet picture on our Friends Gallery Page).

Theresa & Puppy ~ San Marcos, CA

"Rating Excellent

Price Rating: Excellent

Shipping Options Rating: Excellent

Delivery Rating: Excellent

Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent

Customer Service Rating: Excellent

The owner truly loves what she does & it shows! We had an issue with the size of the puppy's neck and the original hug was too small! I called her and she had a new one out to me the next morning!! I recommend them to any pet owner! "

Jerome & JJ ~ Corona, CA

"To wagtail farms. The Hug is one of the best things to come along ever. It was a boon to my JJ during his recovery from his amputation. The hug made his life and mine sooooo much easier during this time. I recomend the HUG to any dog owner as a replacement for the ole E collar it is so much better for the dog he can eat drink and go in and out thru doors without any problems. To Ginger and her Daddy I wish you only health and tail waggin in your future. From JJ's dad Jerry and the pups."

Sharon & Bailey ~ Bel Air, MD

"Her ears are looking so much better. She can't scratch them anymore, thanks to the Neck Hug. She was able to pull it off though, so I did have to use a collar in the tabs. Her neck must be fatter then her head:). Thanks again, Sharon (See Bailey's sweet picture in our Friend's Picture Gallery)

Jim & Jennie ~ Kenoska, WI

"While wearing her "cozy collar", Jennie was afraid to walk or climb stairs… no vision. She actually sat up all night in her bed because she couldn't get her head down to a comfortable position -- so I had to take it off and hold her so she could sleep during the day.

Now, with the Neck Hug, she runs, jumps up on her couch, is able to eat and, as you can see, she can even fall asleep. (See Jennie's sweet picture in our Friend's Picture Gallery).

Jill & Reese, Copley, OH

"Hello! I purchased a Neck Hug back in November for my Airedale (Reese) who suffers from MegaEsophagus. It has now been over 4 months and Reese has not been sick once!!! She wears it 24/7 and I swear she absolutely loves wearing it. Thank you so much for an amazing product! It is truly life-changing for us. I've attached a pic of she spends all her days now, snoozing the day away completely content!! Thank you sooo much. Jill" (See Reeses sweet picture on our Picture Gallery page)

Susan & Wylie, Charlotte, NC

"Thank you so much for a great product. Wylie suffers from megaesophagus and myasthenia gravis. Even after she got a feeding tube to get nutrition she still had some problems with frequent regurgitation which can lead to aspiration pneumonia. Since we got her neck hugger a couple of weeks no regurgitation! This is truly a life saver! Thank you so much." (See Wylie's sweet picture in our Friend's Picture Gallery Page)

Kelle & Kenai, Las Vegas, NV

"I wanted to let you know that Kenai’s Neck Hug arrived today. He is so funny. He’s been wearing a Neck Hug so long now that he actually seems to enjoy putting it on. I think he likes sleeping with it!..... It gives him a comfy pillow for his head wherever he goes! These pictures are not very good. I will try to take a couple better ones. If you look at the photo that shows his front legs you can see what is left of his lick granuloma… after months of antibiotics… anti-anxiety drugs.. and his Neck Hug.. it’s actually healed. I think it won’t ever be totally gone because he went so deep before I found the Neck Hug to keep him from chewing down to the bone! I know he remembers because when I take the hug off for any reason he goes straight for that leg. I am afraid he will be wearing it for months to come until hopefully he completely forgets the habit of chewing that leg!

Thank you so much, I had truly tried everything imaginable … and after 6 months of trying everything I was nearly ready to give up on him."(See Kenai's sweet picture in our Friend's Picture Gallery Page)

Teri & her 11-Year Old Golden, Johns Island, SC

"Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that the Neck Hug has been the only solution that we have found that works and keeps our 11 year old golden from licking his “lick granuloma”. Not only does it work, he shares his “pillow” with his 10 year old cockapoo sister J. How sweet is that?" (See this precious twosome in our Friend's Picture Gallery page)

Ann & her Pom mix, San Diego, CA

"HI Jamie - Small size received yesterday, thank you! I plan to start using this after her haircut on Sunday; so much fur @ present that she "overheats" and is not happy.

Will send over a pic if I am successful in keeping her still. On another note - It is so rare this day and age when one says they will take action and ACTUALLY do it within a reasonable time; I am very impressed with your EXCELLENT customer service! The majority now is they say the will get it done, do not, and I have to chase them the following week. Have a GREAT weekend Jamie - You are truly a gem in a sea of stones!"

Mary & Picaboo, Dublin CA

"Hello, We just received the neck hugs and after about 5 minutes, Picaboo already got used to it and settled in for a nap. He just got neutered and was so frantic with the plastic collar. I don't think he slept at all the first night. Congrats on an amazing product! Thank you!"

"Thank you for offering a comfy alternative to those plastic collars!"

Emily & Boston, Austin, MN

"I just wanted to send you a quick picture of Boston with his neck hug-both he and my husband really liked it:) Boston absolutely LOVED his neck hug-he's always been a dog that sleeps on our pillows anyways so this was like his own personal pillow and that it actually kept him away from his sore was an extra bonus for him! When we brought him to the vet for his checkup I told everyone where we got his Neck Hug and how awesome it was and they are gonna give your info out to their clients. And I am a dog groomer so I am singing your praises also! Thank you sooo much for this-it was a life saver:) We will definitely be repeat customers!" (see Boston's sweet picture with her dad on our Friends Picture Gallery Page)

Becky & Sadie ~ Johnston, RI

"We are so thankful we found you! Not only does it look absolutely adorable, it is so well made and does what its supposed to do. I ordered one almost last minute and was able to receive it 2 days later! I will refer you to anyone/everyone! I am so pleased with your business! Thanks again! ♥ Becky & Sadie"

Sarah & Scout ~ Shropshire, United Kingdom

"Just to say that the hug arrived this week and we have been using it from day one with Scout – it’s very beautifully made and it seems to be doing the trick. He falls asleep with it on quite readily. I’ll try and get a photo for you. So thanks for getting this to us so fast and efficiently. Good job!"

Linda & Cinnamon ~ Hayward, CA

"Cinnamon and I can't thank you enough for his handsome and comfortable Neck Hug! He's only had it on for 10 minutes, and look...he's smiling!! There were very few smiles while wearing the e-collar." (see Cinnamon's sweet picture on our Friends Picture Gallery Page)

Sarah & Buttons ~ Odessa, TX

"Our cat Buttons part of a duo Buttons & Bows. We have had problems with her licking her leg to the point of raw skin and infection. She just had a skin biopsy and just today was trying to pull her stitches out. The door bell rings and our Neck Hug is here. She has tried other e collars and she still reached her leg. Not now!! This is awesome I wish I learned about this sooner" (see Buttons sweet pictures on our Friends Picture Gallery Page)

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